Caring for a Bald Head

For many people, choosing to shave their heads can be a freeing experience. It can feel absolutely liberating to get rid of the hair that used to weigh you down. For other people, having a bald head allows them to make a bold fashion statement they were unable to articulate before.

Just because you have a bald head, however, doesn’t mean that you still don’t need to take care of your head. There are a variety of steps you can take to keep your freshly shaven head clean and healthy — read more about them down below!

Scalp Moisturizer

With your hair no longer there to protect the rest of your scalp, your scalp can become rather dry. This makes sense, as your hair is now far more exposed to the elements. You may notice that your scalp gets particularly dry during the colder months, much like our lips get really chapped when it gets chillier outside. You should invest in a scalp moisturizer to make sure you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable, unsightly dryness,


In the sunnier months, however, you will have to make sure that your scalp is protected from the sun at all times. Even with hair, scalps are at risk of being sunburnt, so making sure that your scalp is protected with no hair at all should be your utmost priority. Buy a sunscreen that can protect you during the sunniest moments.

If you no longer want to rock a shaved head…

If the bald look isn’t doing it for you anymore, you still have options. If your hair loss is due to a medical issue, you could use scalp micro-pigmentation that will create the allusion that you recently shaved your head and have hair growing back in. Companies such as Hairline Ink offer this service.





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