Is Canola Oil Suitable For Your Health — Benefits & Risks

Some of the most consumed vegetable oils in the United States are corn, palm, soybean, and canola. Among these four, the one name that keeps making highlights from time to time is canola due to its positive and negative impacts on the human body.

While some argue that it’s healthy for your health, many researchers claim otherwise. This article discusses canola oil’s benefits as well as potential risks in an attempt to conclude whether you should consume it or not.

How Is Canola Oil Produced?

Canola is one of the most famous oilseed crops that’s made through plant crossbreeding. Ever since its first harvest, plant breeders managed to develop multiple varieties of canola with improved seed quality. In today’s time, 90% of all the canola crops harvested in the United States are genetically modified. The oil extracted through these crops is known as canola oil.

According to the Canola Council of Canada, canola oil production consists of seven important steps — seed cleaning, seed conditioning & flaking, seed cooking, pressing of seeds, solvent extraction, desolventizing, processing the oil.

Once the oil is produced, manufacturers put it through hydrogenation to alter its chemical structure and make it solid at room temperature. This process enhances its shelf life.

Is Canola Good Or Bad For Health?

Every tablespoon of canola oil (15 ml) has 124 calories, 12% Vitamin E of RDI (reference daily intake), and 12% Vitamin K of the RDI. There are no other vitamins or minerals found in this oil. However, in terms of fatty acid composition, it consists of 7% saturated fat, 64% monounsaturated fat, and 28% polyunsaturated fat.

In simple words, it’s high in omega-6 fat content, genetically modified, highly refined, and can potentially increase inflammation, reduce memory, and harm your heart health. Clovis offers a wide range of healthy drinks and powder mix to help you get all the necessary vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. It’s recommended to add them to your diet and minimize the use of refined oils like canola that are likely to damage your body in the long run.





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