Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents & How To Handle Them Legally?

Many US citizens love to ride motorcycles in their free time. If you are one such motorcycle enthusiast, then this post is for you. No matter how amazing it feels to drive your motorcycle around, it can turn into a deadly experience due to someone else’s mistake in no time.

You may be under the impression that your driving skills are better than most others, there is no harm in knowing your legal rights in the case of an accident. But before that, have a look at these factors that contribute to 100% of motorcycle accidents in the US.

  • Unsafe lane changes or a driver’s inability to spot a signal is one of the most common factors leading to motorcycle accidents. 
  • Sometimes, car drivers fail to spot any motorcycle coming from behind and open their car’s door suddenly. It leads to hundreds of thousands of accidents every year in the United States.
  • Another very common cause of motorcycle accidents is speeding. It doesn’t give anyone to stop their vehicle at the right time, often leading to life-threatening accidents. 
  • Sometimes, riders are under the influence of drugs and fail to spot other vehicles on the road. This behavior by far is one of the highest contributors to motor vehicle accidents across the world. 
  • Some other factors that lead to motorcycle accidents include lane splitting, sudden stops, the inexperience of drivers, potholes, pavement, debris, etc. on the road without a proper warning, and vehicle defects.

No matter which of these factors comes into play whenever you meet with an accident, it’s important to hold those who are responsible for it liable. The first step in this regard is to report the incident to authorities and take pictures if possible. Once this is done, connect with a well-known personal injury law firm such as Onder Law for legal assistance. An experienced attorney will not only help you legally present your case in the courtroom but also ensure that you get every last penny of the financial aid to cover the current and any future medical treatment. So, do it without any failure and ask your loved ones to follow the same procedure for a hassle-free experience.





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