The Major Dangers Of Taxotere That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Taxotere is an anti-cancer chemotherapy medication used to treat a variety of cancers as well as other malignancies. The drug was initially authorized for metastatic breast cancer twenty years ago and has since afflicted hundreds of cancer patients with long-term adverse effects, including epiphora and permanent hair loss.

These side effects can have an irreversible impact on a person’s quality of life, particularly their mental health. Thousands of cancer patients have suffered long-term and irreversible damage due to Sanofi-Aventis’ failure to adequately warn about Taxotere’s side effects, notably epiphora (excessive tearing), even after They effectively beat their disease.

Epiphora can impact patients in two ways: causing an excess of tears and mucus to be produced or preventing tears from draining properly through the lacrimal apparatus. The lacrimal apparatus is a network of ducts and sacs that make tears and then transport them out of the nose.

Infection, an inflammatory disease, physical trauma, or surgery can cause these ducts to become blocked. Bacteria can also induce infection and obstruction of these ducts in certain circumstances. Tears begin to collect in the tear sac when the tear ducts become clogged, raising the chance of infection and irritation surrounding the eye.

The unadvertised adverse effects varied from persistent physical pain and discomfort to a decrease in a victim’s standard of life due to psychological or emotional harm.

Epiphora can make it difficult to read, drive, or see well and negatively impact patients’ lives. In minor situations, the doctor may monitor the patient’s health to ensure that no serious harm is done. Surgery may be recommended in extreme instances.

Dacryocystorhinostomy (D.C.R.) is a surgical technique that involves creating a new conduit from the tear sac to the nose’s interior. However, the D.C.R. treatment carries a variety of dangers, including severe bleeding and noticeable facial scars. The hazards vary depending on age, health, and the reason for the treatment.

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