Top Tips To Avoid Getting Pulled Over While Driving Under The Influence

A police officer cannot just pull anyone over at random. The driver must be violating some traffic law or behaving in a way that gives the officer reasonable cause to suspect they are intoxicated. The following tips will help drivers avoid becoming unfortunate statistics at OUI checkpoints in the coming days.

  • Maintain a BAC level as close to the local limit as feasible: If your state’s drunk driving limit is .08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), aim for a BAC within this limit.
  • Most police officers will not comply with requests from unmarked cars unless the drivers produce a valid license and registration. Cops frequently select out vehicles with obvious and evident equipment infractions, refusing to allow them passage. The most prevalent equipment faults observed by cops include heavily tinted windows, burned-out headlights, and damaged windshields.
  • Keeping your automobile in good running condition lowers your chances of getting stopped. The expense of replacing your muffler or headlamp is likely to be less than the cost of a DUI conviction.
  • If you’ve had drinks and are returning home from dinner or a party with friends, a sporting event, or simply an evening alone, please obey the law. Driving safely benefits everyone on the road.
  • Avoid the alleys, parking structures, and naps at stop signals and crossroads on your way home. Drive home following your usual path. Do not undertake anything unlawful, such as switching rapidly onto a side street when a police car drives by. Cops are trained to look for suspicious activities, and vehicles moving in unusual locations at odd hours of the day or night are frequently targeted.
  • When you see the flashing lights behind you, your thoughts begin racing with what you want to say to the police. Speak as little as possible while doing so. Also, do not claim that you’ve had any alcoholic beverages.

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